2017-18 Catalog

English as a Second Language

Mark Ouellette, Ph.D.
Coxe Hall
32 Sayre Drive
Bethlehem, PA 18015
(610) 758-6099

English as a Second Language (ESL) at Lehigh offers a variety of year-round courses and private tutoring for undergraduate and graduate students who would like to improve their academic English skills and their understanding of American pragmatics and culture.

English Department Credit Courses

Undergraduate students who are non-native speakers of English and have lived and studied in the US for less than four years will register for ENGL 003 and ENGL 005 (Composition and Literature for International Writers I and II) as their required first-year English composition courses. These two courses, taken consecutively in the Fall and Spring semesters, are designed specifically with international writers in mind and substitute for  ENGL 001 and ENGL 002 general composition courses. Those first-year international undergraduate students who need additional focused practice with their American English speaking, listening, and pragmatic skills may be required to register for ENGL 015 (Speech Communication for International Speakers).

ESL Program (ESLP) Courses

Graduate students can register for credit courses (one credit each) in academic writing, speaking & listening, and advanced academic presentations offered in both Fall and Spring semesters. Please refer to the English as a Second Language course offerings for registration information.

StepUp Intensive English Program

The StepUp Program is a rigorous, non-credit English program for admitted Lehigh students who are required to further improve their English skills prior to taking credit courses at Lehigh University. StepUp enhances students' English skills in advanced academic reading and writing, spoken academic language, and American pragmatics. StepUp also serves as an excellent orientation to the Lehigh University culture. For program information, dates, fees, and registration forms, visit the ESL website: global.lehigh.edu/esl.

International English Language Center (IELC)

Graduate students can register for private tutoring appointments in ESL's International English Language Center (IELC). In each semester-long program, students will study individually with a professional ESL teacher utilizing a curriculum specifically customized to each student's interests and needs. For program information, dates, fees, and registration forms, visit the ESL website: global.lehigh.edu/esl