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PHIL 260 Making Sense of Words 4 Credits

Issues in the philosophy of language, including analysis of the nature of the relation between the words we use and the world in which we live. We will aim to understand how words make sense and how we make sense of ourselves and the world through words. We will examine such central notions as truth, meaning, and reference, as understood in historically influential philosophical theories of language. Must have completed one HU-designated course in Philosophy at 100-level or higher.
Prerequisites: PHIL 105 or PHIL 116 or PHIL 117 or PHIL 121 or PHIL 122 or PHIL 123 or PHIL 124 or PHIL 125 or PHIL 127 or PHIL 128 or PHIL 129 or PHIL 131 or PHIL 132 or PHIL 133 or PHIL 134 or PHIL 135 or PHIL 139 or PHIL 140 or PHIL 141
Attribute/Distribution: HU