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MKT 387 Marketing Strategy 3 Credits

The objective of this capstone course is to synthesize the marketing principles introduced in other marketing courses and thus provide students an integrative framework to marketing decision-making. Our review indicates that this integrative closure for the marketing coursework is a common practice at some of the better business schools. It will focus on how marketing strategy supports the overall corporate strategy. The course will emphasize that Marketing does not operate in vacuum. What is done in other functional areas will impact marketing strategy profoundly, and vice versa. The will address traditional strategic issues such as identification of organizational strengths, weaknesses and environmental opportunities in the context of developing marketing strategies, but will also emphasize the importance of embracing a customer centric orientation throughout the organization. Incorporating a customer centric orientation is an essential component of marketing strategy today as it captures the dynamic and evolving nature of marketing. Every company employee is important to the marketing function, every employee contact with a customer is a form of marketing communication, the increasing number of customer- initiated contacts with the firm are as important as firm-initiated contacts, and customer relationships now take precedence over sales transactions. Specific emphasis will be placed on applying theoretical principles in realistic scenarios by means of case studies of how marketing strategy is impacted by the overall corporate strategy and other functional strategies. Student performance will be evaluated by his/her ability to prepare and present case analyses. Senior Standing.
Prerequisites: MKT 311 and MKT 312