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MKT 312 Marketing Research 3 Credits

The objective of this course is to offer a managerial approach toward conducting and using research for marketing decisions. The focus will be on the relevance and usefulness of systematic research for decision making, the process and steps involved in conducting effective marketing research, analysis and interpretation of the information for decision making, and the presentation of research results to help managers arrive at sound marketing decisions. Particular emphasis will be placed on the context of technological advances in the collection, dissemination, and use of marketing information, the applicability of marketing research principles for a wide variety of organizations and individuals in the global context, and ethical issues involved in marketing research. At the end of this course, students will have an understanding of the costs and benefits of marketing research, be able to conduct marketing research using a systematic set of procedures, know how to develop research instruments such as questionnaires, have the knowledge to analyze the data, and present the conclusions to other managers. In addition to periodic testing of their knowledge of marketing research by means of examinations (multiple choice, short essay questions, and hands-on problems), the course will involve a marketing research project from problem formulation to presentation of findings.
Prerequisites: (ECO 145 or ECO 045) and MKT 111

Computer Science and Engineering


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