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MGT 301 Strategic Management in a Global Environment 3 Credits

The capstone business class, integrating concepts and practices from the core business classes, utilizing an organizationwide strategic perspective and examining the relationship among firm strategy, structure and environment. The course emphasizes strategic analysis strategy formulation, and strategy implementation so as to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and business ethics are incorporated into the strategic perspective. Case analyses and competitive simulation game are the central learning components. Must have senior standing in the College of Business and Economics, and completion of the college core.
Prerequisites: (MKT 111 or MKT 211) and (ECO 115 or ECO 146 or ECO 105) and (LAW 201) and (FIN 125 or FIN 225) and (MGT 186 or SCM 186) and (MGT 143 or MGT 243 or CSB 311 or CSB 312) and (BIS 211 or BIS 111 or ACCT 311 or CSB 311) and (ECO 029 or ECO 129) and ACCT 152 and (BUS 001 or BUS 097) and (BUS 005 or CSB 311)