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MATH 338 Linear Models in Statistics with Applications 3-4 Credits

Least square principles in multiple regression and their interpretations; estimation, hypotheses testing, confidence and prediction intervals, modeling, regression diagnostic, multicollinearity, model selection, analysis of variance and covariance; logistic regression. Introduction to topics in time series analysis such as ARMA, ARCH, and GARCH models. Applications to natural sciences, finance and economics. Use of computer packages.
Prerequisites: (MATH 012 or MATH 231) and (MATH 043 or MATH 205 or MATH 242)
Attribute/Distribution: MA

Analytical Finance


...Credits) MATH 461 (STAT 461) Topics In Mathematical Statistics (3 Credits) STAT 438/MATH 338...



...major in history take MATH 012 , Basic Statistics...305, 306, 336, 337, 338) h) Build Your...