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IPRE 348 Practicum in Real Estate II 2 Credits

A continuation of the study of the creation of value in commercial real estate begun in the Practicum in Real Estate I. Each student team continues with the subject commercial real property assigned to them in Practicum I. The class engages in the study of the market and financial characteristics of commercial real estate as they relate to value through: a financial analysis of the market in which their property is located to include market rents, market vacancy rates and market absorption rates; and, financial analysis of the subject property to include both historical results, and pro forma estimates of revenues, expenses, cash flow and residual value. Each team also studies the financial characteristics of comparable properties. The grand finale of the Real Estate Practicum (and the IPRE curriculum) is the Collins Family Scholarship Competition. Held at the conclusion of the spring semester, this competition is the public vehicle for the Practicum teams to present the results of their property studies. Consent of instructor required.
Prerequisites: IPRE 347