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ENGL 005 Composition and Literature II for International Writers 3 Credits

Continuation of English 3. Students practice more advanced methods and modes of writing for academics, including writing and reading for their specific field of study. Students continue to work on advanced written fluency and accuracy of idiomatic language and expression and are taught advanced methods of author citation and source integration.
Prerequisites: (ENGL 003)
Attribute/Distribution: ND

English as a Second Language


...four years will register for ENGL 003 and ENGL 005 (Composition and Literature for International...

Office of International Services


...exam. The Freshman Composition Requirement ENGL 003 and ENGL 005 are the approved first-year...



...by ENGL 002 or be enrolled in ENGL 003 , followed by ENGL 005 (or ENGL...