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ECO 371 Special Topics in Economics 1-3 Credits

Study in various fields of economics, designed for the student who has a special interest in a subject not included in the regular course schedule or for the student interested in pursuing a significant supervised research project in economics. Students interested in enrolling in this course must submit a written proposal to a member of the faculty with expertise in the proposed subject area and to the department chair prior to the registration period for the relevant semester. This course may count towards the ECO major only once; it does not count towards the ECO minor.
Repeat Status: Course may be repeated.
Prerequisites: (ECO 105 or ECO 146 or ECO 119)
Attribute/Distribution: ND



...with at least one 300-level elective. ECO 371 does not count towards the minor.



...MKT 360 and MKT 371). Program Admission Requirements...edu. Required prerequisite course: ECO 001- Principles of...

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


...Applied Science. Note that ECO 001 is required...CHE 345, or CHM 371 . Three credit hours...