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ECO 322 Competitor and Market Analysis 3 Credits

Competitors, partners, and firms and governments strategically interact. This course uses game theory to analyze issues like pricing by competitors, vertical integration and contracting issues in supplier-buyer relationships, collective actions and joint ventures, and research and development programs. Students use both mathematical models and cases to analyze these interactions.
Prerequisites: (ECO 105 or ECO 115 or ECO 146) and (ECO 145 or ECO 045 or MATH 012 or MATH 231 or ISE 111 or IE 111 or SR 111) and (MATH 021 or MATH 031 or MATH 051 or MATH 081 or MATH 076)
Attribute/Distribution: SS



...take the college core courses, ECO 245 , ECO 322 , ECO 333 , two elective courses from...