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CSE 042 (EMC 042) Game Design 3 Credits

Modern topics in game design: Finite State Machines, iterative design process, systems and interactivity, designing rules for digital games, emergence in games, games as Schemas of Uncertainty, games as Information Theory Schemas, games as Information Systems, games as Cybernetic Systems. The course does not count as a technical elective for majors in Computer Science, Computer Science and Business, or Computer Engineering.

EMC 042 (CSE 042) Game Design 3 Credits

From the early text-based, one-player computer games to the modern 3D games with thousands of gamers sharing the same virtual gaming world simultaneously, computer games have gone through a remarkable evolution. Despite this evolution, principles of computer game design are not well understood. In this course we will study the broad issue of game design, particularly tailored towards video games. We will present an experimental model for game design and analyze various modern computer games from the perspective of this model.