2018-19 Catalog

Developing Urban Educational Leaders (CDUEL) (The Center for)

111 Research Drive; 610-758-6093


Floyd Beachum, Ed.D., Director, Bennett Professor of Urban School Leadership; George White, Ed.D., Professor; Jon Drescher, Professor of Practice; Craig Hochbein, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Educational Leadership; Ilia Morales, Projects Director

The mission of CDUEL is to cultivate transformational educational leadership in urban communities by conducting research, developing leadership competencies, and improving leadership practices that enhances student learning and development. The center is committed to developing leaders who support education at all levels of a community, including teachers, principals, parents and human service workers. Special emphasis is placed on work involving small to midsized urban communities.  CDUEL serves as lead partner to two Community Schools focused on creating a new approach for enhancing education through community engagement, service and community based participatory research.